Solid Sands Explains Qualifying C and C++ Libraries for Critical Systems

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 14, 2022


RISC-V Summit, San Jose. Solid Sands will be announcing it has been invited to the RISC-V community as a strategic member at the RISC-V Summit. While attending the show, industry insiders will learn Solid Sands expertise on how to qualify C and C++ standard libraries for safety-critical applications.

Qualification Lead Engineer Remi van Veen is expected to deliver a demonstration on ‘Qualification of the C and C++ Standard Libraries for Safety-critical Applications’ along with the knowledge gained from creating a conditions-centered test suite for the C standard library. The deficiency of specialized tools for library qualification of safety-critical use cases was the primary reason for the development of SuperGuard.

SuperGuard offers an out of the box suite offering complete traceability from specific test results right back to found necessities from the ISO C language specification. The suite can be utilized to safeguard the standard library in solutions for the transportation industry. It can certify third-party C library applications along with individual integrations.

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