Independent company rivals big corporations in the high-tier embedded systems market

April 06, 2018


Independent company rivals big corporations in the high-tier embedded systems market

Incredible High-Performance System-On-Module by an Independent Hardware Startup in EU based on ARM and Rockchip Quad-Core Process



Maribor, Slovenia. April 5th, 2018 - Independent Slovenian embedded systems designers found a market gap and developed their own system-on-module that rivals big 20+ embedded systems companies.

How come embedded systems providers are a few handful corporations with an average product line where you have to pay an arm and a leg to get a decent hardware? The answer to this question is that the hardware development for technologically advanced embedded systems is incredibly expensive.

Startups (and investors) avoid hardware-focused selling because of its complexity and slower flexibility. Slovenian startup chip designers overcame this obstacle by securing a client with specific where they work hand-in-hand developing and adapting a perfect solution.

Sudo Systems went against the grain by finding a marketing gap for high-tier systems and helping a digital signage company develop a media player capable of streaming and displaying multi source 4k multimedia content without pauses or buffering.

Sudo System is preparing to start working on another project - an autonomous driving heavy vehicle using multiple SudoProc system-on-modules.

SudoProc, is available for purchase which starts at $274,54 suggested retail price for single units. The whole data sheet with specs is available on Sudo Systems Product page. Dejan also mentions that the company is looking to partner up with universities to help students build amazing IoT devices.

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About Sudo Systems

Sudo Systems LLC is a Slovenian-based embedded system design company established in February 2018. The team has been built on skills of college friends who were active in university and got significant attention based on different products and robotics tournaments such as Robotica 2015 in Portugal (2nd place) and Robo Cup 2015 in China,


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