Road to embedded world '23: Darmstadt, Germany, PEAK-System Technik GmbH

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 08, 2023


Road to embedded world '23: Darmstadt, Germany, PEAK-System Technik GmbH
Image Credit: PEAK-System

PEAK-System Technik GmbH will be located in Hall 1, booth 304 during embedded world 2023. It will be showcasing the innovative universal control unit PCAN-MicroMod FD ECU, developed for embedding specific accessories in automotive applications.

The PCAN-MicroMod FD ECU provides a CAN FD connection of analog and digital I/Os.  A Windows application, via the CAN bus, will enable individually configured I/O processing and message transmission. It can be switched to utilize the communication standards J1939 and J1939 FD.

A new programmable sensor module, the PCAN-GPS FD, will also be highlighted in the booth. The sensors are in applications such as satellite receivers, magnetic field sensors, and acceleration sensors. An Arm Cortex-M4 powers a microcontroller bringing in data and transmitting via CAN or CAN FD. Included is a development package allowing designers the flexibility of in-house specialized applications.

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