Netronix & Wuxi DSP jointly develop IoT-AI processor

January 29, 2018


Netronix & Wuxi DSP jointly develop IoT-AI processor

New IoT-AI chip the size of a coffee bean redefines IoT space for a more efficient connected world.

IoT platform Netronix and Wuxi DSP Technologies jointly announced a license agreement pertaining to the market development and commercialization of a processor combining IoT + AI to create a more efficient connected world. The collaboration lays the groundwork for new system applications in smart-homes, smart-cities, self-driving cars, and anything connected by the Internet.

Unlike microprocessors, each low-cost small form factor chip processor has 3-DSP cores, enabling quicker & heightened computational power in the field and embedded with Netronix’s IoT package, boasts optimized cloud-use, enabling any device to become smarter and part of IoT. The solution addresses the industry-wide need for more affordable IoT solutions with edge-processing, AI and the utmost security throughout all layers of the network.

Netronix’s IoT platform offers rapid development and deployment of IoT devices and applications in vertical markets including environmental, health, transportation, logistics and more. Though backed by a decade of expertise, what sets Netronix apart from competitors is an A-Z platform handling the flow of data from the field all the way to the end-user, including a unique set of tools for developers to create their very own IoT solutions, from anywhere in the world.

The results: affordable devices and services with more functionality, renewed buyer confidence, & a secure Internet of Things market.