Infineon Technologies AG Announces New TEGRION Security Controller Family

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 25, 2023


Infineon Technologies AG Announces New TEGRION Security Controller Family

Munich, Germany –– Infineon Technologies AG introduced the new TEGRION security controller family to the company’s portfolio of 28 nm security controllers, integrating the new Integrity Guard 32 security architecture and an advanced Arm v8-M instruction set for improved device performance.

With the support of the Integrity Guard 32 hardware security architecture, the TEGRION security controllers simplify application development through a holistic-based approach that integrates the system’s processing core, on-chip memories, buses, caches, crypto accelerators, and peripheral interfaces into a comprehensive security architecture.

Error detection/correction codes and a self-checking dual-CPU core also protect the system, and power-efficient crypto accelerators enable data encryption and digital signatures, and other crypto operations while protecting the system from side-channel, fault induction, and physical attacks.

TEGRION security controllers support a vast array of applications, such as smart home, smart mobility and smart industry to payment, identity and lifestyle.

Per the company, the first implementation based on a TEGRION security controller, a SECORA™ Pay payment solution, has demonstrated ideal contactless and personalization performance. Based on the new Mastercard 2023 performance guideline with 144-byte keys, a payment card with the SECORA Pay security solution enables contactless transactions within 155 ms – almost halving the expected transaction time (less than 300 ms).

The first TEGRION security controller family, the SLC26P for payment applications, is available now.

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