DFI and VicOne are Locking Down Smart City Security

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 21, 2023


DFI and VicOne are Locking Down Smart City Security
Image Credit: DFI

DFI, with assistance from VicOne, has moved into the electric vehicle (EV) market to develop innovations for secure vehicle software applications. The utilization of the solutions will add further network security to maintain smart cities. VicOne’s vehicle network security environment employs anywhere control of irregular data transmissions, including real-time alerts while supplying car manufacturers, fleet operators, and system suppliers a reliable way to defend against unwanted visitors.

VicOne Vice President of Strategic Partnership Edward Tsai said “Information security is an indispensable part of smart city transportation development. Incorporating information security into transportation tools, fleet management, and Smart Poles at the design stage will effectively assist public transportation or self-driving vehicles respond to new types of hacker attacks.”

During embedded world 2023, DFI constructed a smart traffic intersection that included roadside units (RSU), digital signage, intelligent edge computers, onboard units (OBU), in-vehicle AI computers, and driver HMIs. DFI used its “smart city” to showcase AI computing and vehicle-to-everything connections via Connected Vehicles and Smart Poles

Highlighted was an operable C-V2X model of an attack from smart devices to disrupt vehicle and pedestrian safety. An integrated IDPS (xCarbon) of the OBU obtains an irregularity and directly transmits to the HMI while reporting to the back end VSOC (xNexus). These actions enable collaborative preventive measures to halt, or slow, an attack.

“Various mobile vehicles, traffic signals, and transportation infrastructure will share a large amount of data through the internet before perform backend AI computing to improve transportation efficiency and pedestrian safety. In view of this situation, DFI is actively deploying smart transportation and providing C-V2X Internet of Vehicles solutions,” said DFI President Alexander Su.

Su continued “They look forward to solving transportation efficiency, pedestrian safety, and smart transportation information security issues while bringing flexible and advanced embedded solutions to smart cities.”

For more information, visit us.dfi.com.

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