CodeSecure Combines the Brains of Battery Ventures and GrammaTech

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 05, 2023


Image Credit: CodeSecure

Bethesda, Maryland. GrammaTech released information detailing that Battery Ventures has obtained its software products division, which includes the CodeSonar* and CodeSentry* products. The purchase creates a completely different company doing business as CodeSecure, Inc. GrammaTech currently, and still will, develop and integrate new advancements for the U.S. defense sectors.

Battery Vice President Lauren Wedell, who is joining CodeSecure’s board, said, “We’re also looking forward to working with the team behind CodeSentry, a technology with multiple use cases, from detecting open-source vulnerabilities in third-party code to generating software bill of materials (SBOMs).”

The continuous collaboration with the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community is directed by Dan Goodwin, who is now the CEO of GrammaTech. Investing in Battery gives CodeSecure autonomy to expand and grow in automotive, medical devices, IoT, enterprise IT, financial services, aerospace, and defense.

“Software security is undergoing significant change and expansion. Many organizations are creating their own product security teams and recognizing that product safety is a critical function,” ends Mike Dager, who will serve as CEO of CodeSecure.

Fore more information, visit GrammaTech and Battery Ventures

*Editor's Note: CodeSecure CodeSonar is a SAST (Static Application Security Testing) solution that enables developers to create and release high quality, secure software. CodeSonar promotes a shift-left approach that ensures developers can implement security early and throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), without impacting innovation or slowing time-to-market.

*CodeSecure CodeSentry software supply chain security platform gives organizations the ability to produce SBOMs and detect security vulnerabilities “under the hood” in third party code. CodeSentry uses binary software composition analysis (BSCA) to identify known threats (CVEs) and common weakness enumeration (CWE) errors in externally developed software components without access to source code. CodeSentry also plays a valuable role in helping organizations meet emerging federal standards for cyber security.      

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