1NCE is Enough at CES 2023

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 05, 2023


1NCE is Enough at CES 2023
Image Provided by 1NCE

Las Vegas, Nevada. 1NCE will acknowledge its innovative software business unit, 1NCE OS, during CES 2023. 1NCE OS is easily integrated into new and existing connectivity and software platforms for customizable IoT ecosystems of any size.

Ivo Rook, Chief Operating Officer at 1NCE said, “1NCE flips the script for customers, we don’t monetize their data for a few extra dollars because our customers’ data is theirs and theirs alone. 1NCE’s move into software allows us to boost our customers’ ideas not just when they need connectivity, but from the outset of their projects and all the way through a device’s lifecycle. IoT connectivity and software for life for a single fee, and that’s it.”

Visit 1NCE at booth #10931 during CES 2023 to learn more about the available highlights included with 1NCE OS:

Device Authentication:

  • Developers need only to solder the protected SIM into their component

IoT Integrator:

  • 1NCE’s managed protocol translation uses open industry standards including UDP, CoAP, LwM2M, AWS IoT Core, and Webhooks

Device Inspector:

  • Time in field is reduced with remote access to device states and recent telemetry

Device Locator:

  • Network based positioning allows device location without GPS

Energy Saver:

  • Optimized payload transmission can increase battery life by up to 50 percent

For more information, visit 1nce.com/en-eu/.


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