MVTec is Expanding Machine Vision with HALCON 22.11

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 03, 2022


Image Provided by MVTec Software GmbH

HALCON 22.11 has a planned release of Novenmber 22, 2022 with a new feature enabling bin picking of foreign objects. 

Munich. MVTec Software GmbH will launch the new HALCON (22.11) standard machine vision software. New features include the combination of conventional 3D vision methods and AI, a thorough toolbox utilizing more than 2,100 operators, a deep learning black box for traceability and subsequent processes, and the implementation of floating licenses.

In order to expand the scope of hardware and flexibility, the HALCON 22.11 supports HAILO AI acceleration hardware to perform deep learning inferences immediately.

The new 3D Gripping Point Detection technology is a highlight of HALCON 22.11. “The 3D Gripping Point Detection…offers an easy way to efficiently automate a complex application.” remarks Mario Bohnacker, Technical Product Manager HALCON at MVTec.

To boost software compatibility with machine communication protocols, MVTec created the “memory block”, a new data type used to store and transmit binary data in HALCON. For expanded data security there is an option to encrypt all serialized data for trained deep model protection.

The HALCON 22.11 release comes in a Steady edition (available through a one-off purchase with a release cycle of two years) and a Progress edition (available by subscription and has a six-month release cycle).

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