CES 2024: Watch for MicroEJ and its Flexible Low-Power Wearable OS

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 10, 2024


CES 2024: Watch for MicroEJ and its Flexible Low-Power Wearable OS
Image Credit: MicroEJ

Las Vegas, Nevada. While exhibiting at CES 2024, MicroEJ will reveal the MICROEJ VEE (Virtual Execution Environment) based VEE Wear operating system (OS) for wearables. Located in booth #52739 in the Venetian Expo, MicroEJ will demonstrate the OS’s ability to run cost and power efficient microcontrollers and microprocessors. “Based on tiny software containers, the essence of VEE Wear is to create an ultra-low footprint operating system that reshapes the way wearable products are developed,” said Dr. Fred Rivard, CEO, MicroEJ.

A “Powered by VEE Wear” hybrid architecture is utilized to push Android watch batteries to days or even weeks. Also highlighted is the collaboration between the Facer app and VEE Wear to deliver up to 500,000 watch faces and access to over 30,000 watch face designers. Ariel Vardi CEO of Facer offered, “This innovative technology unifies the experience on low-power watches and allows the Facer community to develop watch faces for this once fragmented market segment.”

The OS is compatible with Android Studio and the Gradle Build System. VEE Wear supports RTOS, Linux, Android Open-Source Project (AOSP), and custom kernels. Steve Prokup, CEO at MIJO CONNECTED believes, “Reusing software assets across multiple platforms has always been a challenge for smartwatch makers like us, VEE Wear significantly speeds up the process of designing, maintaining and upgrading software across all platforms. Suddenly, ideas turn into products quickly, creating a ton of value for all actors in the value chain.”

Cost-Effective Smartwatches:

  • Cutting-edge graphical user interface
  • Superior connectivity
  • Smart sensing
  • Fitness and health features

For more information, visit microej.com/product/veewear.


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