Embedded Solutions Video: Introducing the Blackberry QNX Software Development Platform 8.0

March 11, 2024


The RTOS takes center stage when it comes to embedded systems in just about any application, as the RTOS maximizes throughput and minimizes latency and jitter. The real-time nature results from its predictability, determinism and reliability.

The QNX OS 8.0 goes one step further, as it is deemed to be “hard real time,” which is defined as an OS with strict time constraints and guaranteed response times. This is needed for applications where missing a deadline is simply not an option as the consequences can be catastrophic, especially in safety or mission critical applications.

In this Embedded Solutions Video, Louay Abdelkader, a Senior Manager, Product Management, for Blackberry QNX, walks through the technical details required from the RTOS in the embedded system, then details of how the QNX OS 8.0 fits the bill for these applications.

Product Page: https://blck.by/3OfMrLO

Product Datasheet: https://blck.by/497bLeR

Developer’s Trial License: https://blck.by/3Oi1HI2