LDRA, PTC Announce Partnership to Reduce Cost of Compliance for Embedded Software Developers

By Chad Cox

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 04, 2021


LDRA announced a partnership with PTC to reduce the cost of compliance for critical embedded software developers.

Through the collaboration, LDRA is offering its full tool suite and PTC is offering its Windchill RV&S, which provides the capability to perform bidirectional traceability, standards compliance, and automated software quality analysis and verification throughout the development lifecycle.

The product integration is enabled by the LDRA TBmanager Integration Package for PTC. Windchill RV&S gives the developers the ability to gather, author, approve, and manage requirements, test cases, and code. The tool suite from LDRA links these requirements to the software analysis and verification process.

By doing so, this allows the tool suite to help identify and eliminate software flaws and vulnerabilities. Developers are able to use in-depth static and dynamic code analysis to verify the code. This includes checking for coding standards compliance such as MISRA and/or CERT compliance. Furthermore they are able to perform automated test case generation and execution on the code – the results of those tests will be fed into RV&S.

According to the company press release, the combined solution is important to developers who need to adhere to standards such as DO-178B/C in the avionics domain, ISO 26262 in automotive applications, IEC 62304 in medical devices, and IEC 61508 in industrial controls.

For more information, visit ldra.com

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