Alliance Memory Expands its NOR Flash Memory Products

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 16, 2023


Alliance Memory Expands its NOR Flash Memory Products
Image Credit: Alliance Memory

Kirkland, Washington. Alliance Memory is expanding its 3V multiple input/output serial NOR flash memory products by welcoming its 4Mb (AS25F304MD-10S1IN) and 16Mb (AS25F316MQ-10S1IN) devices in the SOP8 Narrow Body (150mils) package. The devices have a read performance of 104MHz with accelerated program and erase times down to 1.1ms (4Mb) and 2.6ms (16Mb).

Operating temperatures can range from -40°C to +85°C with a 2.7V to 3.6V power supply. Single and dual SPI operation support is included with the AS25F304MD-10S1IN. While the AS25F316MQ-10S1IN adds support for quad SPI mode.

Security Features:

  • Block protection
  • 128-bit unique ID for each device
  • Discoverable Parameters (SFDP) register
  • 4K-bit Secured OTP

The NOR flash memory is perfect for consumer products including hard drives, Blu-ray players, LCD displays, digital cameras, Bluetooth devices, and handheld GPS units.

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