Microchip Announces Production Shipments of NVMe and 24G SAS Tri-mode RAID and HBA Storage Adapters

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 21, 2021


Microchip Announces Production Shipments of NVMe and 24G SAS Tri-mode RAID and HBA Storage Adapters

Microchip Technology Inc announced the Adaptec Smart Storage PCIe Gen 4 NVMe Tri-Mode SmartRAID 3200 RAID Adapters, and Adaptec SmartHBA 2200 and Adaptec HBA 1200 Host Bus Adapters.

These adapters enable NVMe and 24G SAS connectivity and manageability while delivering new levels of security required for next-generation data center infrastructure. 

Microchip’s Smart Storage adapters deliver between 8 to 32 ports of NVMe 4.0 and/or 24G SAS drive support and offer both x8 and x16 PCIe Gen 4 CPU interface options. Advanced capabilities, like Dynamic Channel Multiplexing (DCM) SAS Link aggregation technology, deliver expander-attached link efficiency, improving the performance of high-density storage solutions. 

Microchip’s Smart Storage adapters are powered by the company’s Smart Storage Stack and comprehensive management tools. This latest generation of adapters has added support for the SFF-TA-1005 industry standards for Universal Backplane Management (UBM) and the Intel Virtual Pin Port (VPP) for intelligent backplane management. There is also additional support for the Distributed Management Task Force’s standards-based Platform Level Data Model (PLDM)/Redfish Device Enablement (RDE) designed to simplify the implementation of out-of-band management over MCTP/BMC.

This new generation of adapters includes a range of secure storage options with support for both Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) and maxCryptoController-Based Encryption (CBE). These new capabilities are designed to extend the encryption boundary beyond SED devices alone to now secure data stored in cache memory. Microchip’s Trusted Platform technology is designed to deliver the required supply-chain security and align with the Open Compute Security Project initiative.

Microchip’s Adaptec SmartRAID 3200 RAID Adapters, Adaptec SmartHBA 2200 and Adaptec HBA 1200 Host Bus Adapters share the common Smart Storage deployment tools such as the Adaptec maxView Storage Manager and ARCCONF management tools for local management, MCTP, and DMTF’s standards-based Platform Level Data Model (PLDM)/Redfish Device Enablement (RDE) for remote management over BMC and Chiplink Diagnostic Tools.

Public firmware, software, and documentation are available at www.adaptec.com/support.

A dedicated Adaptec knowledge base is also available at http://ask.adaptec.com.

For more information, visit www.microchip.com/smartstorage 

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