Maxim Integrated to Exhibit 28 Products at First All-Digital embedded world

March 02, 2021


(Image courtesy of Maxim Integrated)

Embedded computing power is the key enabler for the technologies that are quickly becoming part of our daily lives.

While self-driving cars and artificial intelligence are largely made possible by the ability to process vast volumes of digital data in real time, it should never be forgotten that the information these systems use is derived from the real, analog and increasingly battery-powered world.  Maxim Integrated is an industry leader in analog technology and will exhibit their game-changing technologies at Embedded World DIGITAL from March 1st-5th 2021.

Their virtual booth will feature 28 product demonstrations across numerous end markets including Industrial, Healthcare, AI, Automotive, Mobile and Security. A series of webinars (both live and on-demand) will provide visitors with the opportunity to engage with their technology experts and discuss how best to integrate this technology into new product designs. Visitors to the booth will be invited to explore the following themes:

Personalized Healthcare Simplified

Maxim understands personalized healthcare and how it can be used for disease prevention monitoring, to proactively manage chronic conditions or simply to maintain general well-being. The healthcare demos and webinars at their virtual booth will cover:

  • Power Solutions to Extend the Battery Life of Wearable Sensors

  • ECG, PPG, and Temperature Sensing Development Platform

  • Solar Power and the Internet of Things

AI at the Edge

Maxim use a distinctive hardware approach to enable more complex AI inferencing by battery powered devices. Their AI demos will include AI face recognition, AI keyword spotting and the MAXCAM AI Camera.

Moving Intelligence Next to the Factory Floor

Maxim’s portfolio of intelligent sensors and software-configurable IOs increase industrial productivity by bringing computing intelligence to the very edge of the factory floor. These integrate enhanced diagnostic features to enable safe and fault-tolerant industrial systems that gather higher quality real-time information. Their industrial demos will include:

  • Building and Factory Automation with Go-IO

  • Intelligent Sensors for Industrial Automation

  • Software Configurable Universal IO with Safety Monitoring

  • Boosting Productivity Using Motion Control by Trinamic

  • Boosting Productivity Using Smart IO-Link™ Controlled PANdrive™ Solutions by Trinamic

  • TMC4671 - Code-Free Servo Controller IC with Field Oriented Control by Trinamic

Smaller, Safer and More Secure Computing Solutions

Robustness, reliability, and security are the cornerstones of portable IoT devices. Maxim’s tiny ultra-low power microcontrollers help to minimize IoT device footprint and maximize battery life and use advanced cryptography and physical security, to provide the highest level of protection against side-channel attacks, physical tampering, and reverse engineering. Their virtual booth will feature some of their newest microcontroller and security authentication technologies and include demonstrations and discussions on “The Future of Automotive Authentication” and an exploration of ways to “Bring secure IoT functionality to the Cloud”.

Solving the Toughest Design Problems

Maxim believes that great engineers deserve great tools to work with. In this part of the virtual booth, you can learn more about the engineering tools and resources they provide by viewing some of these demonstrations:

  • Rapid Power Design for Every Designer

  • Stress the Power Design - Not the Engineer!

  • Start Here—100s of Tested Reference Designs with CAD Schematics to Accelerate Your Next Design

Powering Mobile Electronics

Small, efficient, and low-power monitoring and charging solutions are key to maximizing battery life for the latest personal, portable electronic devices. At their virtual booth, Maxim will demonstrate:

  • Leading Transient Performance Buck-Boost Converters

  • Better Battery Safety and User Experience with Accurate Fuel Gauges

Bringing You Where You Need to Be

In the Automotive area of their virtual booth, Maxim will present their comprehensive portfolio of AEC-Q100 ICs that includes everything you need to design smart vehicles that are safe, clean, and green. They will also profile their innovative Automotive Gesture Sensor solution.

Analog Foundations for Your Digital Innovations

Staying true to their Analog roots, Maxim will also provide an interesting presentation on how to leverage their core signal conversion and conditioning technologies using their Essential Analog mobile App.

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