NXM Demonstrates Security Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

By Rich Nass

Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

October 22, 2019


NXM Demonstrates Security Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

NXM Autonomoous Security platform suits autonomous vehicles and runs on Arm-based microprocessors.

Autonomous vehicles are clearly in the spotlight. The computer power that’s required to make this a reality is enormous, but thankfully we’re nearing that point. Before such vehicles actually hit the streets in a mainstream kind of way, there’s a key point of contention—security. The number of bad things that can occur in an autonomous vehicle comprise a lengthy list, so the security needs to be sorted out ASAP.

To that end, NXM Labs recently demonstrated its Autonomous Security, which brings crypto agility to PSA Certified Level 1. Autonomous Security is a software-based solution that enables IoT devices, obviously including cars, to manage their own security without any human intervention. It operates in an Arm-based environment, one that many embedded developers are quite comfortable with. That also allows for scalable solutions, so developers can configure a platform that specifically suits their needs.

Such an automated process takes humans, and human error, out of the equation. To ensure data privacy, NXM automatically bifurcates machine-generated data from personally identifiable information, giving the OEM the option of storing data in compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR and California's latest IoT security laws. If a device's security is compromised, the system can reset a device's encryption keys allowing the device to resume normal operation with restored security.

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