Infineon Technologies AG Extends its AURIX™ TC3xx MCAL, Adds Support for AUTOSARv4.4.0 to AUTOSARv4.2.2 MCAL

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 07, 2023


Infineon Technologies AG Extends its AURIX™ TC3xx MCAL, Adds Support for AUTOSARv4.4.0 to AUTOSARv4.2.2 MCAL

Munich, Germany – Infineon Technologies AG extends its AURIX™ TC3xx MCAL by adding support for AUTOSARv4.4.0 to the existing AUTOSARv4.2.2 MCAL to ease software development for OEMs.

For ASIL D applications, the MC-ISAR TC3xx guidelines have been updated to provide ASIL D compliant drivers. With the driver including ASIL D compliant software products in the upcoming Maintenance Release 2.25.0. Support for IEC 61508 SIL-2 will be provided with Release 2.30.0. The latest release aims at AUTOSAR applications in all automotive domains, including engine, chassis, safety, and body, as well as commercial agricultural vehicles (CAV), industrial, and marine applications.

The MC-ISAR AS440 EXT TC3xx also supports the latest standards, removing the need for additional drivers for ASIL D argumentation while also facilitating software partitioning and enabling more flexibility with the driver running in an ASIL D domain for simple system-level security argumentation. For developers, this provides a production-ready driver with a qualification and safety certification that is ASIL D compliant. In addition, the driver offers ISO 21434 support for continuous monitoring. 

The listed AUTOSARv4.4.0 MCAL software packages have been provided with the enabled drivers:

  • MC-ISAR Com Enhanced: FlexRay, Ethernet
  • MC-ISAR MCD MCAL Complex Driver: offers eleven complex drivers in addition to the standard AUTOSAR drivers: DMA, FLSloader, UART, DS-ADC, SMU Safety Management Unit, DEMOCD: HSSL, SENT, I²C, IOM I/O Monitoring, STM System Timer, IRQ Interrupt Request.

The software packages also include features like AUTOSAR BFX and CRC library, ASPICE L2, ASIL D process for FFI, MISRA 2012 change 1 (CERT-C) compliance (AUTOSARv4.4.0), and ISO 21434 support for continuous monitoring.

Key ASIL D compliant drivers with IEC 61508 SIL-2 support will be available from mid-2023.

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