Infineon Introduces New High-Performance XENSIV MEMS Microphones with Audio Capturing for Consumer Electronics

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 31, 2022


Infineon Introduces New High-Performance XENSIV MEMS Microphones with Audio Capturing for Consumer Electronics

Infineon Technologies AG launched its next-generation XENSIV MEMS microphones that define a new industry standard.

The microphones IM69D127IM73A135 and IM72D128 are the latest additions to Infineon’s growing microphone portfolio. Combined with selectable power modes the MEMS microphones are a perfect match for consumer electronics such as headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC), TWS earbuds, conference devices with beamforming capability, laptops, tablets, or smart speakers with voice-user-interfaces. Use cases also include selected industrial applications such as predictive maintenance and security.

The microphones are designed to capture audio signals with the highest precision and quality and are based on Infineon’s latest Sealed Dual Membrane (SDM) MEMS technology which delivers high ingress protection (IP57) at a microphone level. The sealed MEMS design prevents water or dust from entering between membrane and backplate, avoiding mechanical blockage or electric leakage issues commonly observed in MEMS microphones. Furthermore, microphones built with the SDM technology can be used to create IP68 devices with the highest protection class requiring only minimal mesh protection.

The analog microphone IM73A135 features a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 73 dB(A) and acoustic overload point (AOP) of 135 dB SPL (sound pressure level). Whereas its digital counterpart, the IM72D128, offers an SNR of 72 dB(A) and an AOP of 128 dB SPL. IM69D127 features similar performance condensed into a tiny 3.60 x 2.50 mm 2 package. Additionally, all devices feature low distortions (THD) even at high sound pressure levels, very tight part-to-part phase and sensitivity matching, as well as a flat frequency response with a low FRO (low frequency roll-off), an ultra-low group delay, and selectable power modes.

XENSIV MEMS microphones IM69D127, IM73A135, and IM72D128 can be ordered now.

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