Use a Mobile Handset for Your Analog Design

By Rich Nass

Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

August 28, 2020


It is quite innovative, if it's for you. I'm referring to a smart phone app developed by Maxim Integrated, called the Essential Analog IC smartphone app.

I recently came across an interesting innovation. And it is quite innovative, if it’s for you. I’m referring to a smart phone app developed by Maxim Integrated, called the Essential Analog IC smartphone app. If a handset is your platform of choice, this app is for you, as it works quite well. And in this crazy time that we’re experiencing, we’re seeing that “typical” platforms aren’t so typical anymore.

The app is also a nice addition to an engineer’s arsenal in that you may be using a desktop/laptop for one part of a design, leaving the handset free to do research on analog IC specs or even order a part. In fairness, it’s not for me, but I’m more likely to fall into that dinosaur category when it comes to engineering.

The app can provide a very quick answer to a technical question, or you may be out in the field or at some other location when you need an answer. In those instances, I can see where this app makes perfect sense.

 “We see this app as another way to give engineers a competitive differentiator to solve tough system challenges with faster access to the right solutions,” said managing director of the Core Products Group at Maxim Anil Telikepalli. “With smartphones being used by engineers for everything, we felt it was important to leverage a mobile app to empower engineers to learn about new technologies, get notified on techniques, use on-the-go smart product selectors and tools, and buy products on-the-go.”

The Essential Analog IC smartphone app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Specifically, some of the things it lets you do include:

  • Searching for and select parts
  • Downloading app notes and blogs, and watching training videos
  • Ordering ICs, samples, and evaluation kits
  • Favoriting parts and technical content, or saving filtered sets of parts for later review

As you likely know, Maxim is pretty well known for producing analog ICs that offer power efficiency, precision measurement, reliable connectivity, and robust protection. I suggest you give the app a try, and let me know if a tool like this one really is the wave of the future.

Richard Nass’ key responsibilities include setting the direction for all aspects of OSM’s ECD portfolio, including digital, print, and live events. Previously, Nass was the Brand Director for Design News. Prior, he led the content team for UBM’s Medical Devices Group, and all custom properties and events. Nass has been in the engineering OEM industry for more than 30 years. In prior stints, he led the Content Team at EE Times,, and TechOnLine. Nass holds a BSEE degree from NJIT.

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