Use EMRs to Build an IoT-Enabled, AI-Powered Hospital

October 31, 2019


Use EMRs to Build an IoT-Enabled, AI-Powered Hospital

The building blocks of the smart hospital are already here; they just need to be pieced together.

Imagine a smart hospital where MRIs or ultrasound images can be streamed wirelessly to mobile panel PCs or monitors used by nurses and doctors. And that these images or videos could be decoded and processed by AI algorithms in real-time to detect abnormalities and assist in diagnosis. Or, that neural network algorithms could be applied to live surgical video feeds to immediately identify cancerous tissues or other details of interest and render them on full-HD screens inside operating rooms. Furthermore, that this comprehensive data could be appended to EMRs for future treatment.

Thanks to building block smart EMR solutions for e-Healthcare, this type of precision care is possible today. Advanced medical-class panel PC solutions and device management software allow healthcare providers to seamlessly and securely drop these capabilities into hospital networks. These high-performance, mobile platforms integrate a wide range of wireless technologies, enabling them to serve as both endpoint sensors and gateway controllers for healthcare IoT deployments that make staff more productive and care more cost-effective.

This whitepaper will show how medical-grade touch-panel can help overcome healthcare industry inefficiencies such as the shortage of clini- cians, poorly-managed patient flow, lengthy hospital stays, high readmission rates, and poor communications.

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