DATA MODUL will present highlights at Embedded World

January 29, 2018


DATA MODUL will present highlights at Embedded World

Data Modul AG will have an enlarged stand area as one of the world's leading technology partners in the fields of displays, display optimization and..

DATA MODUL AG presents itself at embedded world in Nuremberg on an enlarged stand area as one of the world's leading technology partners in the fields of displays, display optimization and embedded visual solutions. The additional exhibition space will be used this year to present the core competency of optical bonding in a more differentiated way. With four different bonding methods (LOCA, OCA-Lamination, AirGap- and GelBonding), DATA MODUL is the only company that offers all important bonding options in-house and can therefore provide the right display optimization for every industrial requirement, even in more demanding industries such as the medical sector , At the embedded world, all processes are now visualized in the model for the first time.

Telepresence via robot

The development cooperation between DATA MODUL and the California technology company Suitable resulted in the BeamPro®2, a telepresence robot that allows personally prevented conference / meeting participants to be visually and acoustically present in the form of a mobile HMI monitor solution. Numerous sensors, microphones, PCAP easyTOUCH and other interfaces and features enable direct participation and have now been newly installed and / or jointly developed in the new version of the already successful BeamPro. The basis for this is a newly developed COM Express baseboard together with the current, powerful seventh generation Intel® Core i5 CPU on DATA MODUL's COM Express module. The result will already be communicated with visitors at embedded world.

PCAP touch displays with haptic feedback and Force Touch

DATA MODUL also has two versions of the touch control system that are currently being developed ready for visitors to the test: on the one hand DIE Trend PCAP-Touch further development of Force or 3D Touch. In this touch development, the detection of a change in the Z axis and thus the finger / hand / touch pressure strength is crucial. The interaction takes place - depending on the pressure level - on the touch surface. That means different strengths mean different signals. This allows a menu level to be expanded many times and additional operating options to be created on the interface. DATA MODUL will be presenting an industrial PCAP Force Touch solution at embedded world, in which the evaluation will be carried out using force sensors integrated in the edge area of ??the touch sensor.

In addition, a touch panel with haptic feedback is shown. Here, by direct force feedback, each touch interaction is mapped to the user on the touch sensor for confirmation. A tactile feedback in the form of vibration then reflects the position of the finger on the sensor. To ensure such feedback, the user interface has been integrated floating into the housing. Especially in medical applications, in which the user must have the constant focus on the patient, for example, this touch function can be of great benefit, since eye contact with the monitor is eliminated. This haptic feedback extension could also help visually impaired people in the future, for example, in public transport (ticket purchase) or when entering sensitive information (ATM).

Hardware with powerful features A

variety of monitor solutions are on display, including the updated version of the stylish, ultra-thin 18.5 "USB Type C monitor from a Sharp LCD with 16: 9 aspect ratio 1920x1080 pixel Full HD resolution Connected with self-developed easy-touch sensor solution. The touch screen was optically bonded in-house on hardened 3 mm front glass at DATA MODUL and is insensitive to disinfectants and cleaning agents. Equipped with the self-developed Motion USB Type C with Alternate Mode results in a standardized but also scalable monitor concept and at the same time the thinnest OpenFrame monitor in the DATA MODULE portfolio.

In addition, DATA MODUL will show a 15.6 "PortraitPC PanelPC equipped with PCAP, RFID, Sound and Barcode Scanners.

Ortustech offers the latest enhancements, including the latest, high-resolution, compact and ultra-light 5 "TFT displays, such as the COM50H5N03ULC for mobile and automotive applications. Equipped with Blanview 2 technology, all panels of the Japanese manufacturer ORTUSTECH are particularly suitable for sunlight and are readable from all directions of view even in direct sunlight. The HD resolution 720 x 1280 Dots delivers sharp images, brilliant colors and high contrast values. In addition to 5 ", the panels in the diagonals 4.3" and 4.8 "at embedded world will also be on display exclusively at DATA MODUL.

MiP Displays - an alternative for continuous use

Particular attention at DATA MODUL - due to the high demand - is still the Memory in Pixel (MiP) displays. The company presents the reflective panels in color and in different diagonals. Particularly suitable are the energy-saving MIP displays for presentations with rather static content, such as on digital price tags (ESL), PoI, PoS, in wearables or in information systems, eg in public spaces or medical practices. Those who can not / do not want to use battery power and / or whose application is exposed to a very bright environment, can also find out about a range of diagonals on the exhibition stand with Full HD resolution and very low power consumption. Compared to transmissive LCD displays, it is possible to use reflective displays for approx.

LCD controller boards for special requirements

The DATA MODUL Controller Board eMotion series picks up several industry trends in Nuremberg. The demand for high resolution (UHD and 4K) on the one hand and the desire straight in the embedded area for monitor solutions with as few interfaces as possible led the DATA MODUL specialists to develop a high-end controller board for high-resolution 4k displays. This controller board will be on display in the same way as the eMotion USB, which enables simultaneous display, touch, audio and power supply via a single standard cable. Design aspects also play an important role here: With plug miniaturization, more compact and flatter device designs and corresponding installation variants are possible. This takes into account the increasing demand for state-of-the-art design in the industrial sector.

Display finishing mark easyTOUCH in the stepped model

Due to the individual requirements of industrial customers, DATA MODUL, as a technology leader in the field of optical bonding, has developed a demand-oriented step system. At the trade fair, visitors can find out about the individual bundles for the professional sector. While the core brand easyTOUCH includes a package of customized cover glass, bonded, projected capacitive touch sensor and adapted touch controller for panels up to 32 ", easyTOUCH DISPLAY includes standardized and individual touch solutions with assembled industrial TFT display in three categories: Entry, Advanced and Professional Level , DATA MODUL will be presenting these categories at embedded world on the basis of price-sensitive panel solutions and highly specialized applications, some of which require certification.

With 19 locations worldwide, DATA MODUL AG is one of the leading specialist providers of display, touch, embedded, monitor and panel PC solutions for professional applications. With a comprehensive display portfolio, the company has established itself as the industry's display technology partner and European market leader in display distribution for more than 45 years. DATA MODUL increasingly focuses on the development of its own products, customer-specific solutions and continuously expands the range of value-added services for a wide variety of industries.