Docking connector for motor-control center adds test position

September 08, 2017

Previously, docking connectors only featured ?plugged in? and ?not plugged in? states. Now, three different states are possible.

With the Han-Modular sliding frame, Harting has developed a connector for motor-control centers (MCCs). Using the connector, the drawer system can easily take a test position. Power connection is achieved in the subsequent position. Systems integrators benefit from the system’s simple mechanics as well as the broad range of modules within the Han-Modular series.

Previously, docking connectors only featured “plugged in” and “not plugged in” states. Now, three different states are possible:

  • unplugged: the signal and the power connectors are both unplugged, and the drawer isn’t in the switch cabinet
  • testing: the drawer is pushed into the switch cabinet and the signal connector is mated in the sliding frame. Between both sides of the power connector, which is located next to the signal connector, a distance of about 35 mm remains so that no power is transmitted. The system is in a safe state and can be checked via the inserted signal connector.
  • working: after the test has been performed, the drawer and the power connector can be pushed completely into the switch cabinet. Here, the signal connector in the Han-Modular sliding frame moves in the direction of the cabinet’s rear panel along with the drawer, until the power connector is also in the working position. The system can now safely be put into operation.