Road to embedded world '23: Milan, Italy, AL2TECH

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 01, 2023


Image Credit: AL2TECH

While visiting embedded world 2023, make sure to stop by hall 3A booth 333 where AL2TECH will demonstrate its services, starting from electronics and PCB design to software and firmware development. Depending on the client requirements, AL2TECH’e experts will also be available to discuss its rapid prototype services in case a quick turnaround solution is needed. 

AL2TECH is an engineering design firm focused on embedded systems design. It has a track record of numerous products developed such as

  • Extending from IoT connected devices
  • Industrial monitoring systems  
  • Wearable gadgets 

AL2TECH’s unique expertise on low power design enables its clients to create long-lasting battery-powered devices without compromising on performance. AL2TECH adopts a production-oriented methodology during the development phase which reduces time to market and mitigates all the risks related to volume series production at an early stage.

Client’s will receive support through the entire journey of product development, starting from hardware and firmware architecture definition, components selection, PCB design, and manufacturing.

AL2TECH performs thorough validation procedures on the first prototypes, including:

  • Electronics bench test
  • Temperature test
  • Humidity tests
  • RF performance measurements
  • EMC pre-compliance validation

Simultaneously, the firmware team will refine the application code, matching all the design requirements and improving device energy consumption.

Furthermore, AL2TECH helps clients with production line setup and testing strategy. A different range of functional test fixtures can be customized for high quality and high throughput series production.

 AL2TECH Services

Hardware architecture:

  • Proof of concept evaluation, optimal architecture definition against design targets

Components selection:

  • Components evaluation and comparison, bill of materials

PCB Design:

  • Schematic entry, board layout, manufacturing files generation, design for manufacturing methodology


  • Complete PCB validation and troubleshooting, test report generation


  • Digital design, VHDL, Verilog


  • EMI compliance, Standard Certification compliance


  • Production line set up, production line testing

Software Architecture:

  • Proof of concept evaluation, optimal architecture definition against design targets


  • ARM based 32-bits, PIC & AVR 8-bits, DSP


  • Embedded firmware, C/C++

Wireless Networks:

  • BLE, Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular, Sub GHz

Embedded OS:

  • Linux, Real Time OS


Python, Java, OpenGL, Android Apps, Video Processing, Matlab

HW Bring Up:

Board level testing, test routines, regression testing, debugging

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