Rockwell Automation and Avid Solutions Partner to Accelerate and Scale Green Hydrogen Production

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 19, 2023


Rockwell Automation and Avid Solutions Partner to Accelerate and Scale Green Hydrogen Production

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Rockwell Automation, Inc. announced a collaboration with Avid Solutions, Inc., to help companies produce Green Hydrogen (H2). Avid Solutions is delivering Green H2 solutions for electrolyzers, H2 liquefaction, and plant automation services.

The H2 economy represents a significant change to industrial manufacturing, power generation, mobility, and societal challenges around climate change. Promising conditions for the Hydrogen Economy are rapidly growing alongside the decrease in renewable energy costs and increase in favorable government and corporate policies, regional hydrogen hubs, and society’s willingness to address climate change.

“We are seeing many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), process licensors, and producers entering the Green H2 Economy. They need expertise to scale, as well as speed to market entry,” said Tom O’Reilly, vice president of sustainability at Rockwell Automation.

“By leveraging Avid’s experience in Green H2, plant operations across multiple industries, OEM solutions, and our use of off-the-shelf technologies, we’re helping clients reduce time to market, CapEx as well as OpEx investments, and overall project risk,” said Gordon Bordelon, vice president of operations and technology at Avid Solutions.  

Rockwell Automation and Avid Solutions have already helped a provider of end-to-end Green H2 solutions with technology adoption, mitigating project risks, and overcoming OT integration challenges. They have also helped electrolyzer OEMs, H2 liquefaction licensors, long-duration energy storage (LDES) licensors, and compressor OEMs drive standards development and repeatability.

For more information, visit Avid Solutions.