Artila Introduces New Compact Wireless Gateway Matrix-750 for Remote Operations

March 29, 2019

Press Release

Artila Introduces New Compact Wireless Gateway Matrix-750 for Remote Operations

increasing asset and production monitoring in remote operations


With the introduction of the compact Wireless Gateway Matrix-750, Artila is making it easier for process industry customers with remote operations to set up and run wireless networks. Remote operations often have challenges with difficult installations, high expense and insufficient field personnel to keep pace with aggressive schedules. As a result, they are constantly one step behind – juggling equipment, crews, schedules, and data, with limited insight into what is really needed where.

As of today, information technologies and network infrastructure are getting well-developed in the world. More and more enterprises not only face the requirement of enhancing their existing automation systems for greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), but also need up-to-date information integration, plant management, and business systems. The compact wireless gateway Matrix-750 is a simple, cost-effective remote monitoring solution, offers device-to-cloud service with longer range, better signal coverage, improved data transmission, and rapid deployment for optimal performance and ease of use at reduced cost. It can also be used for monitoring equipment status in applications involving AGV, rail transit, port or mining area.

The compact wireless gatewayMatrix-750 was specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller networks required for remote applications, the smaller size and DIN Rail mount capability means the Matrix-750 is ideal for the limited cabinet space requirements of most remote operations. Built-in layered security functionality ensures that the network stays protected at all times. Additional devices can be added quickly and easily without the need to configure the communication paths.

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