Embedded Toolbox: Connect Anything Over Ethernet with MultiTech?s MultiConnect? eCell

December 08, 2020


In the previous Embedded Toolbox, we spoke with MultiTech’s Daniel Quant about the benefits and use cases of MultiTech’s MultiConnect® MicroCell communications platform and how it can be utilized for remote learning purposes. The MicroCell solution is what Quant describes as a “one for one” attachment, one that is primarily intended to be connected to laptops and Chromebooks utilized by students, as well as industrial systems.

Today, Quant is back with another connectivity solution that provides users with even more connectivity, scalability, coverage, and enterprise management for infrastructure deployments. MultiTech’s MultiConnect® eCell allows a direct connection to an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access point, allowing an access point to be placed anywhere and therefore enabling almost anything to be connected over ethernet. Also, connectivity can be offered to multiple devices within a given area.

The eCell comes equipped with a gigabit ethernet connection, antennas for connection to the CVRS network, and remote device management.