Embedded Computing Design Contributed Content Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Embedded Computing Design welcomes submissions of unpublished blogs and design articles related to electronic design, development, and engineering, including on the topics of IoT, AI  & machine learning, industrial automation systems, consumer electronics and appliances, automotive electronics, medical and healthcare devices, development kits, digital signage, and more. If you are interested in submitting a piece, please familiarize yourself with our publication and follow the submission guidelines below.

Articles and blogs must be:

  • Informative and/or educational, covering how-tos, design challenges, industry trends, application consderations, etc. You may mention a product or company, but only as it relates to the larger story. It cannot be the focus of the piece.
  • Free of sales and marketing copy, including superlatives. This language will be removed or the piece will be rejected.
  • Exclusive to Embedded Computing Design.
  • Submitted as a word document and should include the author’s brief bio (approx. 35 words), headshot, and email. Supporting images and figures are welcome, but must be provided in a separate file at 300 DPI resolution if the content is to be considered for print.

Blogging Tips:

  • Blogs average 500-700 words
  • Can be informal, written in first or second person
  • Address anything from personal opinions to water cooler talk to new ideas

Design Article Tips:

  • Design articles average 800-1,200 words
  • Are more formal, written in third person and referencing any specific data or claims
  • Take a problem/solution approach to technical engineering or technology industry challenges.

All content submissions are subject to edits by Embedded Computing Design staff. The average review and publishing cycle is between one and two weeks. Please factor this timeline into your schedule if you hope to be included in specific newsletter, print, video, or other deployments (see “Embedded Computing Design Editorial Calendars”). Placement in a specific issue is not guaranteed.

Content that is approved for publishing will appear on the embeddedcomputing.com website, in the Embedded Daily e-newsletter distributed to roughly 20,000 engineers, and potentially in other topic-specific newsletters, given relevance.

Submissions and questions can be emailed to Brandon Lewis at [email protected].