Domino 5.2 Makes MLOps Faster and Easier to Create and Maintain

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 16, 2022


Domino 5.2 Makes MLOps Faster and Easier to Create and Maintain
Image Courtesy of Domino Data Lab

While at the Rev 3 conference, Domino Data Lab unveiled its latest platform, Domino 5.2. This new platform continues Domino’s progress towards furthering enterprises wanting to become more model-driven by allowing data science and IT teams to develop and deploy more models faster, while slashing data/infrastructure complexity and costs, and extending autonomous model performance monitoring into Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

The latest capabilities will suggest the ideal size for a development environment, thereby improving the model development experience for data science teams and helping IT with decreased cloud storage costs.

According to the Domino Data Lab, “with Domino 5.2, data science teams can now automatically set up prediction data capture pipelines and monitoring for models deployed to the Snowflake Data Cloud. Domino will also now continuously update data drift and model quality calculations to drive increased model accuracy and ultimately better business decisions.”

“Data science teams make their biggest impact on business and humanity when they focus on building, deploying and improving models on their own terms, without fear of vendor lock-in, rising costs or risk,” said Nick Elprin, CEO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab. “Domino 5.2 enables our customers to maximize model velocity across the MLOps lifecycle using powerful tools of their choice and scalable infrastructure like the Snowflake Data Cloud.”

With impressive capabilities across each essential stage of the MLOps lifecycle, the Domino 5.2 solidifies Domino’s position as the most open and flexible Enterprise MLOps platform in the industry.

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