AI Serves as End-to-End Management Backbone

October 24, 2022

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AI Serves as End-to-End Management Backbone

The latest buzzword term in our industry, end-to-end management, has a lot to do with following the flow of a project from beginning to end. There’s been software available for decades to manage that process, but for the most part, it relies completely on the humans to do the work. The software simply tracks the progress and allows lots of different groups and individuals in global and remote locations to interact with the project.

Such management also allows the project to be broken up into smaller, more manageable pieces. Those pieces are then brought back later to form one complete project or product. In addition, the technology could be used to monitor a smart factory. Here, the amount of data capture can be huge, and handling the analytics for so much data can be a daunting task.

Improvements in Technology

What’s new and different about how end-to-end management occurs today is the injection of artificial intelligence (AI) into the equation. By not solely relying on humans to perform every task and input every piece of data, the project could potentially flow far easier.

That’s where NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise software suite can assist. Optimized to improve and maximize AI development and deployment, the software suite includes proven open-source containers and frameworks certified to run on common data center platforms.

The AI-assisted tool would inject suggestions and solutions to streamline the management process. It can do this by having insight into all the different areas that affect the design or task, and make decision on the fly that offset delays, and production inefficiencies. For example, it knows enough of the history of the workers to know when a given task should be completed, it pulls data from the supply chain to know when different components and materials deliveries are expected, and it can even monitor deliveries, environmental conditions, and so on to maximize production.

While each of these individual components could be handled by a human, and they have been for many years, the speed and accuracy with which the AI-based tools can handle the same tasks would result in a vastly improved process.

To assist in the end-to-end management process, Aetina recently introduced its AI management solution based on a NVIDIA AI platform. The solution helps Aetina’s global AI partners and clients successfully adopt Edge AI using NVIDIA AI development and deployment tools, as well as Aetina’s NVIDIA AI-powered training and inference platforms.

Challenges of Edge AI Adoption

To adopt AI at the Edge, system integrators and developers need to train their AI models and deploy them on their Edge devices. The AI model training process starts with collecting and labeling large amounts of data and proceeds to train ready-to-run AI models using high-performance computing platforms. Using earlier methods, this could result in high training costs. These factors make the training process challenging and time consuming for system integrators and developers.

AI model deployment can also be difficult when the system integrators and developers have multiple remote Edge devices in different locations. The challenges of AI model deployment include optimizing models for inference to run efficiently on Edge devices, long deployment processes, difficulties of teams to communicate and collaborate, high follow-up monitoring costs caused by a large number of AI models, security issues, and high costs.

Go to the One-Stop Shop

Aetina’s solution consists of NVIDIA’s Certified Edge computing platforms and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite that includes NVIDIA TAO toolkit for AI model training and fine-tuning, Triton Inference Server for cloud and edge inference, and NVIDIA Fleet Command for AI model deployment. As discussed earlier, Aetina’s NVIDIA-Certified Edge computing platforms (along with various other NVIDIA tools) help streamline the AI training and deployment process, helping partners and clients adopt Edge AI more quickly.

The end-to-end AI management solution is a part of Aetina Pro-AI Service—which helps global partners and clients adopt AI for different vertical applications besides automated optical inspection (AOI) in factories, with Aetina’s edge AI hardware and software.

Aetina is noted for having excellent integration capabilities and providing integrated AI solutions, including hardware, software, and peripherals. The company’s experts can propose various end-to-end AI management solutions for users in varying industries and fields. The team employs a step-by-step process for operating and configuring the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Suite and Fleet Command.