Best in Show Nominee: Innodisk - EV2U-GOM1 Embedded Vision Camera Module

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Innodisk - EV2U-GOM1 Embedded Vision Camera Module

Camera modules are critical for AI vision applications, providing essential information to the algorithm. The EV2U-GOM1 camera module's advantages, such as its compact size, power efficiency, and high bandwidth, make it ideal for AI hosts like the NVIDIA Jetson and AMD Xilinx KV260. Its superior fisheye calibration ISP expands fisheye lens images into several modes, helping AI hosts focus on inference tasks. Without a camera module, the AI algorithm would be blind and unable to perform tasks effectively. The camera module's high-quality images are quickly analyzed by the AI algorithm, extracting meaningful information for a more efficient system.

Designed for AI and computer vision applications, and with three major advantages of customized development, platform compatibility, and ISP adaptation, Innodisk's camera module series is set to revolutionize the world of emerging intelligent applications. Innodisk's industrial quality ensures top-notch performance, with outstanding results in the booming field of AI computer vision applications. The MIPI CSI-2 camera implements an ISP adaptation, with high performance that can expand images in several modes. Reduce the need for multiple cameras and total power consumption with the EV2U-GOM1, an ideal camera for embedded systems.

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