Best in Show Nominee: Lattice - Lattice Avant FPGA Platform

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Lattice - Lattice Avant FPGA Platform

The Lattice Avant platform will be the foundation for multiple new feature-rich mid-range FPGA families and is purpose-built to expand Lattice’s power efficient architecture, small size, and performance leadership more parts of the FPGA market. Designed for scalability, Lattice Avant provides the base technology for a multitude of FPGA variants optimized for different applications across the Industrial, Automotive, Communications, and Computing markets. The distributed resources on our FPGAs’ fabric can process data in parallel at a lower operating frequency that other types of processors and, when compared with similar class competitive devices, Avant-based FPGAs are up to 2.5X more power efficient.

With the Avant platform, Lattice is able to address new types of customer needs. The FPGA market is segmented into small, mid-range, and large FPGAs based on factors like size, power, and performance envelopes that determine the types of systems and applications they can address. Competitive offerings in this space have stagnated in the last decade. The devices that do exist in this segment are built using large FPGA design techniques that are “waterfalled” into mid-range device offerings. Lattice Avant platform enables the creation of mid-range FPGA devices that are 2.5X lower power, 2X faster, and 6X smaller than competitive devices of a similar class. Therefore, system and application designers don’t need to sacrifice their design goals for performance to meet power demands and can create smaller form factors based on the smaller footprint of the components.

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