e-con Systems Launches a Ready to Deploy AI Vision Kit

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 14, 2022


Image Provided by e-con Systems

e-con Systems launches qSmartAI80_CUQ610, a Qualcomm AI vision kit based on Sony STARVIS IMX415. This ready-to-deploy AI camera kit is suitable for running image-based machine learning and deep learning models at the edge.

qSmartAI80_CUQ610 is an AI vision kit containing e-con's 4K MIPI low light camera module, VVDN's  SoM based on Qualcomm QCS610 SoC, and a carrier board. The 4K camera module is based on the Sony STARVIS IMX415 ultra low light sensor.

This kit is engineered to facilitate powerful computing for on-device image processing with enough power and thermal efficiency. e-con Systems also extends its customization support for the camera, carrier board, software, and even adding an enclosure.

"The qSmartAI80_CUQ610 AI Vision kit marks a significant milestone as our first ever camera for Qualcomm QCS series of processors utilizing the state-of-the-art Image Signal Processor of Qualcomm processors. The qSmartAI80_CUQ610 developed in partnership with VVDN Technologies, a premier electronics engineering and manufacturing company, is an ideal platform for our customers to develop next generation edge-AI-enabled embedded vision applications. The embedded vision applications require consistent image quality from the cameras irrespective of challenging light conditions and customers leverage e-con's expert IQ tuning and solutioning capability to successfully launch their end products with shortest time-to-market" said Ranjith Kumar, Senior product manager at e-con Systems.

Key features of the qSmartAI80_CUQ610:

  • Complete vision solution - Faster product integration and deployment thereby reducing time to market.
  • Sony STARVIS™ IMX415 sensor - This ultra-low light sensor helps in delivering exceptionally clear images even at low light conditions. Also, its 4K resolution makes it suitable for applications that require a high level of detail in the output image. 
  • Finetuned Image Signal Processor (ISP) - The default Qualcomm ISP has been finetuned further to ensure the best possible image output.
  • Low power consumption - Engineered for optimized power consumption reducing the total load on the system.
  • Small form factor - Perfect for compact embedded systems.

qSmartAI80_CUQ610 is perfect for the following applications:

  • Service robots
  • Telemedicine robots
  • Telepresence robots
  • Smart checkouts & carts
  • Smart signages & kiosks
  • Dash cameras and body cameras
  • Automated sports broadcasting systems

For more information, visit e-consystems.com.

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