Product of the Week: Wiseome Inc., Mini LiDAR Module

February 27, 2023

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Product of the Week: Wiseome Inc., Mini LiDAR Module

Handheld mobile devices and other smart automation appliances have increasingly been adopted in retail, logistics, and warehouse environments to improve management and efficiency, and as the demand for automation increases, so will the need for devices capable of digitally managing and completing tasks for enhanced fulfillment workflows.

The Mini LiDAR module from Wiseome Inc., is a single point laser distance measurement and sensing module designed to capture distance data. As a solution that is often embedded into to compact devices, like Android mobile computers and industrial tablets, the module features a thin "full-planar" optical transceiver structure that is also ideal for applications such as distance measurement, robotics, automation and control, security surveillance, and displacement sensing.

Pictured is the iPin-DRB221, Embedded (left) and Packaged (right). The MiniLiDAR modules come in three versions: the iPin-DRC221, iPin-DRC222, and the iPin-DRB221.

The Mini LiDAR Module in Action

The Mini LiDAR laser sensor modules are offered in two versions:

  • Mini LiDAR Packaged: designed for external use cases such as drones and robotic automation.
  • Mini LiDAR Embedded: a compact, energy-efficient laser rangefinder module designed for integration in portable electro-optical devices.

Leveraging i-TOF laser light phase shift detection technology, the iPin-DRB221 MiniLiDAR module is capable of capturing distance for long distance accurate measurement, with a maximum range up to 20m and a maximum operable ambient light up to 3kLux. The height of the sensor is less than 7mm, and a visible red laser light enables suitable installation of the sensor.

Preinstalled in the MiniLiDAR module is Sizensor, an AI-based recognition application that works in conjunction with the handheld Amazon device, and is designed to quickly identify parcel box corners on photographed images. The rapid parcel measurement process begins with the mobile device capturing a photo of the box and combining the distance data, collected by the MiniLiDAR, and AI data from Sizensor. The device then calculates the dimensions of the box to save time and produce data-embedded photos for continual use.

A demonstration of the aforementioned process can be viewed below and on Wiseome Inc.’s YouTube channel, in addition to a variety of other demonstrations featuring Sizensor and handheld mobile devices.

The module’s optical transceiver structure enables both the laser and the Avalanche Photodiodes (APD) to be mounted in COB format via automatic bonding machine. Additionally, the solution features special, short FL lenses placed with a collimating process developed in-house.

The MiniLiDAR module features a typical accuracy tolerance of ±3mm, and received a class II laser eye safety rating. The module also features a maximum supply voltage of 5.5 V, a storage temperature range of -25 - 60 °C, and an operating temperature range of -20 - 50 °C.

Getting Started with the Mini LiDAR Module from Wiseome

Standard operation of the MiniLiDAR module can be achieved via the data communication standard UART or micro-USB port interfaces in different models. To collect results and activate the measurement, a set of command protocols are used.

Visit the official Wiseome Inc. website for more information and online store for samples.

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