Winmate Updated S-Series HMI with New Arm-based CPU and Android OS

May 03, 2019

Press Release

Winmate Updated S-Series HMI with New Arm-based CPU and Android OS

Make your smart access control operations smoother and faster with this updated Arm-based HMI.

Winmate Inc., a global leader in developing rugged computing and imaging solutions for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments, refreshes the S-Series HMI with a performance enhancement by releasing a new arm-based platform featuring a powerful Arm® Dual-core Cortex®-A72 + Quad-core Cortex®-A53 processor and an updated Android 7.1 operating system.

This update allows those that prefer an arm-based Android system to have the tools to support their high performance needs for any tasks. Designed with access control automation in mind, the S-Series HMI is RFID technology integrated and acts as an interface for applications such as controlling access to buildings and meeting rooms.
The lineup is built with thin and compact housings, available in 7", 10.1" and 15" models. For excellent durability and functionality, the series is equipped with a true-flat, projected capacitive multitouch screen with IP65 front panel protection. Its support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) power input meets the demand of companies looking to increase their operational efficiencies by reducing cabling costs and power consumption. Other user configurable options acting as access control methods include the programmable LED light bar to show a specific color for different statuses, RFID reader as the smart card access controller, and front-facing camera for entry verification from the control side.

Whether used for building automation, access control, or meeting room management, the S-Series HMI will help to save time, increase efficiency and tighten your security functions.

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