DEEPX has AI Acceleration at COMPUTEX 2024

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 19, 2024


DEEPX has AI Acceleration at COMPUTEX 2024
Image Credit: DEEPX

DEEPX plans to develop its first-generation AI chip portfolio to concentrate intelligent video analytics and security system market. DEEPX plans an exhibition at COMPUTEX 2024 where it will demonstrate the acceleration of its on-device AI solutions.

The DEEPX's DX-M1 utilizes five nano processing with support for real-time AI power more than 30 frames per second (FPS) concluding in 16 channels of multi-channel video on a single chip. It also supports YOLOv5 model used for object recognition to the latest YOLOv9 and vision transformer models.

According to DEEPX, it is currently running an Early Engagement Customer Program (EECP) to attract early customers, delivering a minute camera module with DX-V1 (5TOPS), an AI SoC solution, M.2 module with DX-M1 (25TOPS), an AI accelerator solution; DX-H1 quattro PCIe card (100TOPS), a product for AI servers, and DXNN.

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