ITRI and its AIoT Help Your Putting Game at CES 2024

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 04, 2024


The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will be located in booth 9255, North Hall, LVCC, at CES 2024 as well as being a part of CES Unveiled Las Vegas, booth 226, Shoreline Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay Convention Center. ITRI will showcase many of its AI supported platforms ranging from sports to manufacturing. 

ITRI’s CES 2024 Showcase Technologies:

  • AR Interactive Vehicle Display
  • Detachable Joint Robot System
  • RoboTwin
  • iGolfPutter

AR Interactive Vehicle Display

The disply, is transparent enabling passengers to view and interact with augmented reality (AR) with no need for wearables within a moving vehicle. Visual information on sites of interest is presented in real-time as the AR follows the user’s line of sight. Interacting with visual clues gives more detaild information. The platform is customizable to fit differing modes of transportation and vehicle windows.

The Detachable Joint Robot System

The solution is a compact robot joint module capable of immediate construction of various robots with heterogenous configurations (different numbers of joints and various payloads). EtherCat is utilized for peripheral communication to apply integration and coordination of drive controllers, sensors, brakes, motors, and encoders. According to ITRI, five minutes is enough for joint replacement via the detachable mechanism designed in ITRI’s robot joint.

RoboTwin: Metaverse Smart Factory Simulation Platform

Innovative AI and Sim2Real technologies create a life-like simulation of a factory where engineers and operators can encounter realistic and immersive controls by way of user interfaces. Problems can be resolved by teleoperation. Other benefits include coaching, multi-agent communication from differing sites, remote troubleshooting, and maintenance. Ideal applications are semiconductors, machinery, and manufacturing.


iGolfPutter is a smart golf analysis and training system that provides indoor players with the sensation of playing on an outdoor course. Powered by ITRI’s 3D sensing AI analysis technology, iGolfPutter analyzes the users swing posture and body stance with their smartphone. Sensing chips are integrated into the specialized golf balls and club head to collect data, including swing angles, swing speeds, ball flight trajectories, speeds, and paths. After a user swing, AIoT is capable of recreating terrain from a selected golf course for the next putt.

ITRI will also have on display its portfolio of AI display and entertainment technology, PetPet Cam, iSwimWeaR, and Mountain Watch.

CES Unveiled Las Vegas will be held Sunday, January 7, 2024

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