CAP-XX Goes No-Battery with its 2.2mm Prismatic 3V Supercapacitor, the DMV750

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 15, 2023


Image Credit: CAP-XX

Sydney. CAP-XX launched its 750mF DMV750 ultra-thin 2.2mm prismatic 3V supercapacitor delivery efficient storage and distribution of energy to power optimized protocols in space-constrained and mission-critical electronic devices. With support for the general 3V coin cell battery, the supercap will get to a greater maturity, substitute 3V cylindrical supercaps, or remove the need for batteries. Micro-energy harvesting, if enough extraction of solar, vibration, RF, or other environmental energy, will sustain a non-battery environment.

"It's estimated that over 5 billion 3V coin cell batteries and 12 billion IoT devices are sold annually," explained Anthony Kongats, CEO at CAP-XX. "While not all devices require a supercapacitor, many would benefit from our powerful DMV750 supercapacitor to store and release the energy needed for peak power functions like data transmission."

The DMV750 provides 23% more power than a 2.7 volt supercap with similar form factors (21 x 14 x 2.2 millimetres) and has boosted pulse energy reliable battery and non-battery devices. The operating temperature ranges from -20°C to +85°C.

DMV750 includes:

  • Energy harvesting for:
    • remote wireless sensors
    • wireless HVAC sensors
    • actuators
  • Asset tracking
  • RTC and memory backup power
  • Peak load shaving when configured in parallel with a 3V coin cell battery

"Our DMV750 ultra-thin 3V supercap provides engineers with multiple options to overcome power delivery challenges in space-constrained, mission-critical, sustainable electronic devices”, continued Kongats.

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