Flex Power Modules and onsemi Collaborate on Ultra-Small IBC

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 17, 2022


Image Courtesy of Flex Power and onsemi

Flex Power Modules launched its non-isolated and unregulated BMR313 Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) that provides peak power rating of 3 kW in a 23.4 x 17.8 x 7.65 mm form factor, with 908 W/cm3 power density. The BMR313 carries an input voltage range between 40-60 V, 10-15 V of output with 97.3% efficiency at 54 V input, and continuous output of 1kW. The BMR313 is designed for cold wall mounting and offers the generally used LGA footprint and pinout.

Flex Power Modules and onsemi collaborated on the design of the BMR313 to harness the benefits of the onsemi's FD6000, using onsemi’s resonant DC Transformer (DCX) topology with support for integrated PMBusTM telemetry for data processing.

“We are extremely pleased with the level of innovation in energy efficiency and density achieved by combining Flex Power Modules’ and onsemi’s technical talent and technological capabilities,” says Roberto Guerrero, general manager of the Cloud Power Solutions business unit at onsemi. “Flex Power Modules BMR313 and onsemi’s FD6000 are setting a new standard in powering the cloud.”

For more information, visit flexpowermodules.com.

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