Sensata Technologies’ Lithium Balance n3-BMS Adds ASIL C for High- Voltage EVs

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 13, 2022


Sensata Technologies’ Lithium Balance n3-BMS Adds ASIL C for High- Voltage EVs

SWINDON, UK. Sensata Technologies announced the Lithium Balance n3-BMS battery management system, an off-the-shelf ISO 26262 ASIL C-certified solution for electric vehicles that use up to 1000 volts/2000 amps of power. It’s also built on a unique software structure that lets developers insert custom code and algorithms in less time and at lower cost.


The Lithium Balance n3-BMS is a distributed system of 24 to 360 cells backed by up to 30 cell monitoring units and a master control unit that communicates with and manages battery functions over three CAN ports. The monitoring and control units are compatible with previous-generation Sensata BMS solutions, which allows developers to upgrade any system to the n3-BMS by simply replacing a single PCB.

The n3-BMS Base Software Layer (BSW) houses all the system’s safety-critical functions and connects to an External Software Layer (ESW) via an open API link. The modularity of the architecture allows developers to implement their own software in the ESW without risking the system’s ISO 26262 certification.

The Lithium Balance n3-bms will be available in early 2023. For a preview of the new safety-certified Lithium battery, visit It will also be on display at the Battery Show North America, in Sensata booth #2817, in Novi, Michigan from September 13-15.

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