Engineering Hero: Simulating Sustainable Undersea Energy Solutions

November 29, 2023

Engineering Hero: Simulating Sustainable Undersea Energy Solutions

In this sixth installment of Engineering Heroes, sponsored by Wind River, we’d like to introduce you to Anton Riström, a Department Manager at Aker Solutions, an engineering company that focuses on building infrastructure for renewable energy solutions.


With the ever-present and growing threat of climate change, sustainability is a hot button topic and has been for years now — but advancements in technological capabilities are allowing innovators to finding more and more creative sustainable energy solutions. One such method you may not be familiar with is subsea compression, which is a way to draw naturally occurring gas out from the seabed.

Luckily, we have people like Anton Riström, an expert in using computational fluid dynamics in simulation technologies that helped greatly in projects like the 2015 Åsgard Subsea Compression Project, where he and a team at Aker Solutions used that tech to develop digital twins of 17-meter-tall cooling chambers.

But you can hear directly from Anton and his team member Jesper Persson in the podcast episode above, and stay tuned for more Engineering Heroes content!