Renesas Launches Liquid and Solid Material Detection Solution

April 23, 2019

Press Release

Renesas Launches Liquid and Solid Material Detection Solution

High-sensitivity touch key MCUs measure the capacitance between two electrodes, replacing sensors.

TOKYO. Renesas Electronics Corporation released its Material Detection Solution connecting electrodes using Renesas' RX130 capacitive touch-key microcontrollers (MCUs) with a capacitive touch sensor unit designed for capacitance measurement with sensitivity and high noise resistance, helping to identify the prevalence of a powder, a liquid or other materials. 

The solution connects two thin-film electrodes and measures the capacitance between those electrodes with just one touch-key MCU, while changes in the materials are measured by capacitance changes in the electrodes.

The initialization and sensitivity settings can be adjusted with the GUI tool designed for capacitive touch sensor systems, helping developers apply a capacitive touch sensor unit in equipment that requires a detection purpose.

“Sensor systems are an indispensable element in our customers' application development efforts, and we are excited to add capacitive touch solutions with different capabilities that enable new use cases,” said Renesas' Enterprise Infrastructure Business Division, Industrial Solution Business Unit VP, Shigeki Kato. “With our new capacitive touch-based detection systems, customers can expand their sensing function range while taking advantage of reduced BOM cost and improved detection accuracy.”   

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