LDRA Tool Suite Selected to Build a Cross-Sector Safety-Critical Platform for Success

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 28, 2022


LDRA Tool Suite Selected to Build a Cross-Sector Safety-Critical Platform for Success

LDRA announced that the KONČAR Group has chosen LDRArules to perform static analysis on the source code for its newest Grap suite modular software platform and to confirm compliance with MISRA C.

The cross-sector nature of KONČAR's business required the project be compliant with different functional standards, with IEC 61508, IEC 62061, and EN 50128.

The Grap suite includes a proprietary real time operating system (RTOS), a graphical application development environment that encompasses a Function Block Diagram (FBD) editor, a service & diagnostics tool, and target support packages composed of block libraries and code generation tools for specific target controllers. Grap suite accommodates the diversity of the disparate safety-critical sectors serviced by the company, and the varying degree of autonomy on the part of KONČAR's customers.

LDRArules enables KONCAR to enforce compliance with industry- or user-defined coding standards and is designed to provide clear visibility of software flaws that might typically pass through the build and test process and become latent problems. With KONCAR's new platform complete, and LDRArules set to perform this static analysis, the company is overseeing the development of offerings based on the new platform, such as the SafeLog project for safe human-robot interaction in logistics applications in warehouses.

"SafeLog was the first project to which we applied the new software platform and the development process involving LDRArules" said Josip Babić, Head of Software Platforms with KONČAR. "Individuals entering a dangerous area (such as an automated warehouse) wear the vests to enable machines to detect them, analyse the distance from them, and stop if necessary.

"Currently we are using the same Grap software platform to develop a new version of a train control and management system for Croatian Railways," Babić added. "The move to the C language coupled with MISRA compliance enforced through the use of LDRArules inspires confidence that our code quality has improved and will continue to do so."

The project was a successful experience for LDRA and KONČAR alike. "Nearly every industry has different coding standards, so software platforms like KONCAR's Grab suite needs support from a product like LDRArules that can help ensure this compliance no matter the industry," said Ian Hennell, Operations Director at LDRA. "The flexibility of their Grap suite platform is an impressive achievement and critical for myriad applications, and in addition to ensuring compliance, it's equally important to ensure the code is flawless from the start so it can function properly and safely throughout its lifetime."

For more information, visit: www.ldra.com

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