Spirent Helps Users Assess Future Ethernet in HIL Systems

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 13, 2023


Spirent Helps Users Assess Future Ethernet in HIL Systems

Calabasas, California. Spirent Communications plc  made available its compact M1 Appliance for assessing Ethernet and Automotive Ethernet in future solutions. The customizable Spirent M1 Appliance  is an ideal instrument lasting to complete maturity serving as an efficient benchmark testing of network designs, specifically architecture, with continuous validity of SDN and NFV innovations. The solution delivers a high of eight network interface card (NIC) openings. “Spirent is committed to supporting the evolving testing needs of the IP networking and automotive sectors,” said Aniket Khosla, Spirent’s VP of Cloud and IP Product Management.

Various NIC groupings enables developers to create appliance kits for testing requirements in their particular use cases. The compact size affords the M1 the ability to consume less energy than larger models for integration in tight spaces in automotive applications.

For critical systems, the high port density works with multifaceted automotive hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems to validate future designs in Ethernet-based software-defined cars. Also included is support for all Automotive Ethernet Base-T1 speeds, from 10M(T1S) to 10G. “Our next-generation M1 platform plays an important role. Its higher density, smaller form factor architecture is a continuation of our rich legacy of Ethernet innovation to provide versatile, flexible test solutions to help verify the scale, reliability and performance of Ethernet networks and services - a critical step towards successful deployment of new technologies,” continues Khosla.

The solution is ideal for: SDN and datacenter validation, subscriber emulation, network traffic, device benchmarking, carrier Ethernet verification, core and edge routers and switch verification, and broadband testing

M1 Features:

  • Smaller footprint for more efficient lab space use.
  • Cost-effective tool bundled for special use cases, designed for specific application testing,
  • Improved customer experience with enhanced manageability and serviceability,

For more information, visit spirent.com.

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