Check Out the AUO-ADLINK Tech Forum: On Demand

By Rich Nass

Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

May 16, 2022

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Check Out the AUO-ADLINK Tech Forum: On Demand

It’s a wrap. The AUO-ADLINK Tech Forum is now officially in the books. However, all the sessions are still available on-demand, so you can rest assured that you won’t miss a thing (nor should you).

Aimed at the creators of leading-edge IoT systems and devices, the Forum was led by industry innovators and covered three critical areas: Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility and Manufacturing, and Smart Retail and Logistics. The live version of the Forum was attended by engineers, engineering managers, and executives from all around the globe.

What did the attendees think of the event? One design engineer said, “It was informative and interesting.” Another commented, “I loved the industry updates.” And finally, a developer added, “The use case examples were great.”

Lots of Sessions and Showcases

There are 22 sessions and 35 showcases that you now have access to. There have already been more than 2500 views of the sessions and showcases from your peers. Some of the highlights of the two-day event include:

  • Impact of Minimally Invasive Surgery and the Significance of Medical Imaging
  • Challenges of Smart Healthcare
  • Autonomous Driving meets Digitalization meets Public Transport
  • Shaping the Future of AMRs with idealworks (one of the leaders in autonomous logistics)
  • Technology Trends in Robotics
  • AI in Retail
  • Digital Signage on the Edge
  • Smartpallet – How AI helps us pack quicker and more effectively

The Keynote Addresses were given by the CEOs of the two hosting companies, Jim Liu, Chairman and CEO, ADLINK and Frank Ko, President and COO, AUO. Other notable speakers include Justin Christiansen, General Manager of IoT Platform and Solution Sales for Intel, Amit Goel, Director of Product Management at NVIDIA, and Elizabeth Samara Rubio, Principal Specialist of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In Jim Liu’s talk, the discussion revolved around how the Edge is everywhere, and AI, 5G, and IoT technologies are accelerating the technologies that live at the Edge, with the caveat that Edge devices must continually be connected by a trusted, reliable, and secure network. As you might expect from the CEO, Liu got into the business opportunities that are available surrounding Edge-based products and technologies.

The second Keynote Address meshes nicely with the first, as it looks at how diverse vertical markets can maximize their investment in 5G, AI, and Edge computing, and how visualization ties the technologies together thanks to advanced human-machine interfaces.

The Core Forum Sessions

The core of the Forum starts with Smart Healthcare. Here, the topics covered include how display innovations are shaping next-generation smart surgery, the use of clinical data management to increase patient safety, and the challenges associated with smart healthcare.

When you move into smart mobility and manufacturing, the areas of coverage include what happens when autonomous driving meets digitalization meets public transport, the future of public transportation, and technology trends in robotics.

The third track covering smart retail and logistics zeroed in on Edge-based digital signage, using visualization to solve the global waste problem, and optimizing warehouse logistics operations with Edge AI and GPU computing.

Sessions are delivered at various levels of technical detail—some for the engineer and some at a higher strategic level. And they are all available for a limited time.

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