Torch.AI Lights Up Real Time AI

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 01, 2023


Image Credit: Torch.AI

Leawood, Kansas. Developers of of Data Infrastructure AI, Torch.AI, has been approved for a new patent, No. 11556695. The patent covers 'Combinatorial Inflight Analysis of Multipart Data' utilizing learned machine models for instantly analyzing data streams.

Jon Kramer, Torch.AI's Chief Technology Officer said, "Every so often, there is a seismic shift in technological advancements that fundamentally changes how things are done. We believe this approach is doing just that."

The patent had been pending for almost four years, and now approved, further strengthens the ideal that Torch.AI designed an innovative solution to building data architecture within applications like, high risk, high speed, and large-scale decisioning systems. "This patent has been a long-time in the making and a huge effort from our engineering team over the last several years," continued Kramer.

Integrating Torch.AI is simple and unlocks data located in siloed datasets, such as 90% of an organization’s overall data, including:

  • Forms
  • Video
  • Images
  • Sensors 
  • Files
  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Notes

The platforms are currently being implemented by the Department of Defense and national security focused agencies. It needs minimal configuration for integrating data and models for speeding up development, deployment, and production. When customizing and integrating the solution, Torch.AI designed it so there is no downtime for currently running protocols.

"Data warehouses and data lakes are decades old approaches that can't keep up with the explosion of data and sensors," said Brian Weaver, Torch.AI's Chief Executive Officer." By processing data in-flight, Torch.AI's platforms remove the impediments to decision advantage, lower costs, and deliver data seemlessly to the end-user for simplified, real-time consumption, analysis, and understanding."

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