Global Telecom Launches IoT Device Management Platform

By Taryn Engmark

Assistant Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 14, 2022


Global Telecom Launches IoT Device Management Platform

Global Telecom, a wireless technology engineering company at the intersection of hardware and the network, launched a universal IoT management platform for organizations to manage, optimize, and accelerate their networks of wireless devices and sensors. The GTIoT Management Platform offers a cloud-based, low-cost IoT solution for enterprises with thousands or millions of expected wireless devices in their network, as well as small businesses dipping their toes into the IoT.

The GTIoT Management Platform includes more than 400 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to gain a 360-degree perspective on data usage, efficiency health, location, power usage, and reliability of devices at the macro and micro levels. Continuous assessment and evaluation of every device provides trend reports and recommendations on potential actions.

The ability to rapidly identify and diagnose problems with underperforming or power-draining devices enables clients to realize immediate and long-term cost savings. Since the platform is powered by Global Telecom's cloud services partner at no extra cost, clients don't have to pay for the massive data accumulated and uploaded over the course of maintaining a reliable and efficient IoT network.

Security is paramount at Global Telecom, and the GTIoT Management Platform was designed and developed using the same principles and practices behind Global Telecom's modules and modems.

The platform's user interface is accessible directly from the company website with customer support available 24/7 to provide uninterrupted management of devices and sensors.

For more information, visit Global Telecom.