Embedded World Product Showcase: Lattice CertusPro-NX

June 20, 2022

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Embedded World Product Showcase: Lattice CertusPro-NX

FPGAs are a great tool to expedite the development of embedded systems, particularly IoT Edge devices. In most cases, those FPGAs for the basis of both the hardware and the programming model for the application.

The ability to mix and match features and functions relatively quickly is the key, particularly when you are working with large amounts of data and need to operate in near real time. Reliability and flexibility are key attributes here.

Designed for a wide range of Edge-based applications, such as automotive, industrial, and general networking, the CertusPro-NX from Lattice is an FPGA family that provides the needed design flexibility. The CertusPro-NX is highlighted by its small size, low power, expansive memory, and high reliability. Previously, designers had to choose from this finite feature list. Thanks to the CertusPro-NX, they can now have them all embedded into one solution.

The CertusPro-NX in Action

The Lattice FPGA offers 7.3 Mbits of on-chip embedded memory blocks (EBR, LRAM) in addition to LPDDR4 external memory, DDR3/3L, and LPDDR2 support at 1066 Mbits/s. 100k logic cells are available to enable the performance of the I/O functions. According to the company, the reliability of the CertusPro-NX is supported by a soft error rate (SER) that is 100x lower than competitive 28-nm FD-SOI technology.

The CertusPro-NX device measures 9 by 9 mm and includes additional ball-pitch options of 0.5, 0.8, and 1.0 mm. The small size, power, and speed of the solution are enabled by the 10G SerDes and the 8 SerDes lanes supporting 10.3 Gbits/s per lane for 10 Gig Ethernet, PCIe Gen 3, DisplayPort, SLVS-EC, and CoaXPress protocols. The I/O configures in 4 ms and full device in under 30 ms in a 100k logic-cell device.

The security supporting the system is an ECDSA bitstream authentication in addition to a robust AES-256 encryption.

Getting Started with CertusPro-NX

CertusPro-NX supports the Lattice Radiant design software with tools for navigation and debugging. Analysis tools handle the timing and power issues. The Radiant software also provides closed-loop cross probing from physical to logical design implementation and

IP packaging enabling users and IP providers to package encrypted IP.

To get started with the Radiant software for the CertusPro-NX:

  1. Download the software: Windows or Linux
  2. Install the software, using the installation guide, found in the Documents section.
  3. License: determine which license type you need, then request it on our licensing page via the button below.


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