Rogue Wave at embedded world 2018

February 13, 2018


Rogue Wave at embedded world 2018

Embedded World 2018 is the leading international fair for embedded systems.

embedded world 2018 is the leading international fair for embedded systems. The event covers topics such as: security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility, and energy efficiency. Discover with 1,700 other conference participants the innovations from the embedded sector, meet experts, and acquire new customers. Speakers and exhibitors from 42 countries will be presenting subjects exposing a variety of ideas for solutions and their experiences dealing with embedded systems.

Speaking sessions:

Presenter: Walter Capitani, Klocwork product manager

When: Wednesday, February 28. 12:00 - 12:30 p.m. (Central European Time)

Title: C++17: Analysis and risk mitigation of security vulnerabilities.


With the recent approval of the C++17 language standard, along with new features introduced in C++11 and C++14, embedded developers are writing code in all sorts of exciting new ways. However, the introduction of these new features introduces new points of failure and attack vectors for hackers.

This paper explores the impact of these new features on software quality and identifies new and expanded security vulnerabilities and attack vectors that can be exploited. Based on an analysis of the standards by language experts and actual running code, sample vulnerabilities and defects will be presented, and techniques and standards for reducing risk will be evaluated.

By gaining a better understanding of these new defects and vulnerabilities, developers and organizations will be better positioned to detect and mitigate issues earlier in the software development lifecycle.

Presenter: Rod Cope, CTO

When: Wednesday, February 28. 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. (Central European Time)

Title: The state of embedded open source software in 2018


It’s no surprise that the adoption of open source software for embedded development has caught up to the rest of the world – the advantages are just too great – so what data, trends, and lessons can we learn? Like commercial software, open source presents technical, security, and quality challenges but it also adds skills, experience, and maintenance considerations into the mix. As developers of embedded devices with strict resource, performance, and reliability requirements, how do we ensure open source is managed and deployed effectively?

Rod Cope, CTO of Rogue Wave Software, discusses the state of open source use in embedded device development today, using statistics, use cases, and examples from around the industry and specific technical support tickets. By delving into popular packages and tools across the application stack, common issues and solutions are extracted to form a representative framework for how open source is used in development environments and production devices. The use of open source has implications for package selection, integration, team staffing, and maintenance, and these topics and more are covered to provide specific best practices for teams to guide their development efforts:

  • How to identify potential risk areas for your project
  • Steps to better manage open source within the team
  • Where to find help if something goes wrong