MultiTech Introduces First CBRS Industrial IoT Devices for OnGo Networks

September 16, 2019


MultiTech Introduces First CBRS Industrial IoT Devices for  OnGo Networks

FCC-Authorized CBRS Ethernet Bridge and Industrial Router Products Now Shipping to support OnGo Initial Commercial Deployments.

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global manufacturer in Industrial IoT communication devices, today announced the availability of a new, FCC Part 15 and 96 authorized cellular to Ethernet CBRS bridge, supporting initial commercial deployments of OnGo CBRS networks,  as well as an industrial CBRS router sampling today to qualified customers. These devices are to be the first of a broader portfolio of private LTE devices supporting CBRS and other dedicated LTE bands around the globe in a choice of form factors that respond to the exploding demand for robust asset connectivity within industrial and enterprise applications.

The MultiConnect® eCell and MultiConnect® rCell 600 are the first of their kind that are designed to connect a wide range of new and legacy assets to dedicated, mission-critical Private LTE and Neutral Host public access CBRS networks, in collaboration with the CBRS Alliance. They leverage the FCC open mid-band spectrum between 3.55-3.7 GHz that will be commercially launched on September 18th at a CBRS Alliance OnGo launch event in Washington, D.C.

"Private LTE networks enable enhanced mobility, security and quality of service (QoS) for any connected device, including PCs, tablets and handhelds as well as industrial IoT devices," said Joel Lindholm, vice president, CBRS LTE Business for Commscope. "With their extensive history of enabling industrial connections, extensive cellular expertise and experience supporting private IoT networks, collaborating with MultiTech enables the Ruckus CBRS LTE portfolio to support compelling new use cases that only private LTE networks can effectively address."

As a CBRS Alliance member, MultiTech is among the first to develop products that conform with the OnGo specifications, addressing dedicated and Private LTE networks that provide secure connectivity to the newly available CBRS mid-band spectrum.

"Since joining the Alliance, MultiTech has been an active advocate for CBRS and OnGo," said Alan Ewing, Executive Director of the CBRS Alliance. "The eCell Ethernet to OnGo bridge device is hitting the market just in time to support initial commercial deployments, just approved by the FCC."

The MultiConnect eCell cellular to Ethernet bridge enables plug-and-play CBRS connectivity for existing smart assets as primary connectivity or as a failover, should wired connections become compromised. Its rugged aluminum chassis protects the eCell from harsh industrial environments, while DeviceHQ® secure lifecycle management, provides IT with the tools needed to monitor and manage asset performance remotely. Samples have been shipping since May and are already in use by many CBRS Alliance members.

Applications leveraging the MultiConnect eCell include:

• JMA XRAN virtual baseband enabling CBRS OnGo for video, internal communications and digital displays at major venues and CBRS trial sites.

• Geoverse Private LTE, monitoring commercial building entrances in real-time.

• Commscope working with its customers to connect vital sign monitor carts in hospitals as they roll from room to room with superior reliability and secure CBRS connectivity.

• Syniverse Innovation Lab, using video surveillance to monitor its smart IoT-based parking lot.

"Liberalization of mid-band spectrum policy in the US and abroad has made way for a paradigm shift in the way cellular networks are deployed: from thousands of wireless operators to millions of sites with their own cellular network, including sports venues, airports, malls, hotels, mines, manufacturing facility and enterprise office spaces," said Daniel Quant, VP Strategic Development of MultiTech. "Ours are among the first hardened IoT devices that offer securely managed after-market Private LTE and CBRS connectivity to a broad range of assets to accelerate industrial enterprise digital transformation today."

The eCell CBRS Ethernet bridge is certified with the Athonet Connectivity Platform to rapidly, securely and reliably connect any Ethernet device to an OnGo network. It is also compliant to Ericsson Industry Connect, and is validated with the JMA XRAN virtual RAN solution for both CBRS and licensed bands - making it easy to install, setup and enable any edge device from IoT to high resolution video in a matter of minutes.

For customers requiring enhanced routing functionality, the MultiConnect rCell 600 Series industrial router is IPv6 capable and is equipped with: four 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces; RS232/RS485; USB, and GPIO interfaces, plus a Wi-Fi access point. It features robust, configurable security to protect critical data, secure routing to optimize network efficiency, and built-in native Modbus serial RTU communications for remote SCADA telemetry.

The rCell 600 Series supports smart applications in the oil and gas, utility, and transportation industries. Samples are available today for select customers looking to enable their operations with OnGo network capabilities. Contact [email protected] to request a sample.