Best in Show Nominee: Foundation - BeaglePlay

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Foundation - BeaglePlay

Linux computing made simple and fun with 1,000s of available off-the-shelf sensors, actuators, indicators and connectivity options over mikroBUS, Grove, and QWIIC connections, a TI Sitara AM625 system-on-chip with 1.4GHz quad-core Arm Cortex-A53, PRU and M4 microcontrollers, Gigabit Ethernet, full-size HDMI, USB, 5GHz, 2.4GHz and sub-1GHz wireless, and single-pair Ethernet with power-over-data-line. Camera and touchscreen display ribbon-cable connectors also included. No breadboarding expertise needed to expand this system, just connect, power, and leverage the massive ecosystem of Linux drivers. Utilize BeagleConnect® technology over the sub-1GHz IEEE 802.15.4 wireless network to a BeagleConnect® Freedom up to 1km away.

This embedded computer answers the call for industrial capability and maker usability. Industrial HMI and home and building automation solution development is significantly simplified by providing numerous integrated networking options, numerous industry-popular sensor connectors that eliminate custom wiring, and easy-to-use, pre-installed. locally-hosted desktop and browser-based development environments. Today, or 10 years from today, BeaglePlay will provide any developer with new computing possibilities. 

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